Upravit stránku

We are ready to help both employers in solving their problems regarding employees who misuse their rights under the Labour Code, as well as employees defending their justified interests against employers who try to solve their own problems at the expense of employees.

  • execution of Employment Contracts, including non-competition clauses, execution of agreements on work performed outside the employment (Agreement to Complete a Job, Agreement to Perform Work), execution of agreements on material responsibility, execution of employment termination notices, and agreements on employment termination, as well as other legal documents
  • representation of both employees and employers in labour disputes (for the invalidity of an employment termination notice, for the invalidity of immediate dismissal, for rights in the event of invalid dismissal, for wage claims and claims for damages)
  • representation of both employees and employers in out-of-court settlement of disputes
  • consultations and advice concerning labour relations (with respect to rights and obligations of both the employee and employer, or drafts of labour agreements, etc.)

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