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In the sector of commercial law, our office is prepared to ensure the solution of any complex legal problem for you, including cases with an international element. Complex business transactions need an interdisciplinary approach, because they usually concern various branches of law, i.e. not only commercial law, but also financial and cartel law, as well as bankruptcy, international or even criminal law. And such an interdisciplinary approach, combined with correctness, promptness and confidentiality, is offered by our office. A natural basis for solving complex problems is our immediate preparedness to help you in the following areas:

  • business companies - foundation
  • changes
  • solutions of problems inside companies
  • mergers
  • commercial agreements - including transfers of businesses
  • banking law - loans, bank guarantees, services provided to banks
  • financial law - including settlement of tax disputes, tax optimisation
  • intellectual property
  • insolvency law - including solutions of companies' critical situations

But the biggest challenges for us are comprehensive problems of our clients when we have to use our knowledge of various areas as stated above. In collaboration with auditors, economic and tax advisors, we will find a solution tailored just for you. Simultaneously, you can be sure that we will try to find a solution that is as efficient and safe as possible, which will expose you to the lowest possible risk of being challenged in relation to any operations by the government and its institutions or competitors.

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