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We are ready to offer you services in a broad spectrum of civil law problems, always on a comprehensive basis, with the aim of achieving the most suitable solution for you. We will not force you to enter into unnecessary legal disputes if a more elegant and advantageous solution can be achieved out of court. If litigation proves to be the only possible solution, we will prepare the court procedure carefully in collaboration with you, and will definitely defend your interest there.

  • protection of ownership rights (property eviction, delivery of things, rights of neighbours)
  • co-ownership (co-ownership settlement, settlement of disputes between co-owners)
  • joint property of spouses (reduction or extension of joint property of spouses, settlement of joint property of spouses)
  • pledges and mortgages (establishment, cancellation, sale of pledges)
  • property transfers (purchase agreements, deeds of donation, investments in the registered capital of commercial companies), easements
  • personality rights
  • all types of contracts and agreements
  • inheritance proceedings
  • ownership and lease of flats and non-residential premises
  • family law

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